Designing Roof Terrace

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Due to a busy lifestyle and dense structure of the city, it becomes quite hard to get daylight. In order to enjoy a little bit of light with the family and friends in the house, you can think about architectural element of roof terrace.

Most of the home construction laws have recommended keeping the roof under 200 square feet. It must be accessed through a ship ladder instead of a stairway. In order to insert a stairway, more length and space is required


If you are thinking of developing a rooftop garden then both organization and planning may be required. In case of a condo, it becomes quite hard to bring material and equipments for the construction purpose. Creative furnishing is preferred for the roof terrace at any given occasion. Use of crane is mostly seen to deliver heavier items. Through the elevator, you can easily bring material related to the garden.

By building a rooftop terrace, it becomes possible to spend more time in an outdoor setting in spite of living in a house. There is no doubt in the fact that it is an expensive affair. Construction workers work along with you. Due to this reason, you must be comfortable with them.


Through the structures and trees, shade is offered to the ground label. Clean nature and wind can be experienced with this roof terrace quite easily. Both the bounty of wind and sun can be obtained in due course. Protection is offered to the roof with the trees. In order to manage high wind, steel construction is utilized. It is placed beneath the joists in floor. From the cedar pergola, required amount of shade can be obtained. In the terrace, steel cabinet is generally placed for effective results.


In urban setting, rooftop terrace is mostly found. Undesirable view must be ignored on the occasion. It is better not to think about this design in the middle of a city. Neighbors at the close quarter must be avoided at any given occasion. Through railings, privacy of this rooftop terrace is generally maintained. Spaces can be separated from the others with the assistance from boxwood hedges and fence panel. Chances of experiencing unwanted view can be limited in the process. Instead, you can look at the nature at a distance.


Rooftop terrace is mostly utilized as an extension to the indoor spaces. Different kinds of elements from the rooftop garden can be spread around in a creative fashion. It is better to use more landscape than natural plants. Design can be softened through upholstered furniture. Fire feature can be included in the terrace quite easily.

Measures must be taken in order to offer optimum amount of comfort at every given occasion. If you use wood flooring of floated nature then roof terrace can be explored in bare feet at any given occasion. Damages from the splinter can be avoided through the wood appearance.


According to the lifestyle, roof terrace must be planned. One of the main purposes of roof top is family gathering. Both seating and dining area can be included in the terrace for desired result.

Beautify the area around the A/C unit through landscape

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Over the weekend, you can take up a project of decorating the house. Through inclusion of landscape, attraction of the house is generally enhanced further. Bags filled with gravel must be collected for the occasion. Some plants can be infused with the landscape at the same time. Landscape is used for the beautification of the chimney area or A/C unit. By creating an edge with scallops, difference between gravel and plant can be made. Through a scrub, slimy substances can be removed from the house. Due to use of stones, much time may not be required for the maintenance of the landscape.

Selecting landscape for the location

By adding gravel near air conditioning unit, much needed shade can be offered. It is believed that shade helps to save energy in an effective manner. However, plants must not be placed too close to the A/C unit. If the plant grows towards the A/C unit then efficiency of the system can be hampered. Shedding of leaves and flowers must be avoided as well. It is better to plant a tree that does not grow above three feet at all. By covering the condensing unit till six feet, ideal environment cannot be obtained.

Issues are not seen due to horizontal crowding of the plant. In order to create distinction, landscape must be developed away from the garden. Through careful use of spacing, mulch and siding bottom can be utilized. For effective result, rubber mulch can be amalgamated with real mulch. On the fence, mulch can be placed to maintain the visual balance effectively if egg rock is used as preferred choice of stone.


In most occasions, egg stones are selected as it can be obtained easily at a discounted price. To offer an excellent visual treat, things must be retained as clean as possible. It is very hard to keep a control over the stones and pebbles at any given occasion. Balance in decoration can be maintained with scalloped edge since it has been utilized at other location of the house as well.

Scallop edge may not be the best thing you can do. However, it can give you an effect that may not be found otherwise. Budget of the home improvement project can be maintained in this way also.

Picking a plant

Plant that does not shed leaves during off-season is considered good for the condensing unit of A/C. Therefore, it is better to leave hydrangeas. For an attractive look, a plant can be chosen that has colorful leaves without any flower. Hostas are generally considered as a low maintenance plant. It is better to keep 18 inches to 21 inches of space between plants. In the beginning, center point of the plant must be marked first. Later on, hole can be created for the plant. In addition to the plant, mulch must be put on the place as well. Some scrubs from the garden can be chosen for the purpose as well. Similar to the trim, white or cream paint can be done on the edge. To hide the A/C unit, a shade of water resistant nature can be installed also.

Exterior Home Improvement Projects That Increase Value For Your Home

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3 Exterior Home Improvement Projects That Increase Value For Your Home

Your home has an inherent value. It may fluctuate a bit, but it usually stays pretty steady. When it drops a bit, or you feel that you want to perhaps sell it, you are going to no doubt want to improve things a bit. There are a lot of different home improvement projects that you can focus on that will help your home gain a serious push forward in terms of value. If you want to increase the equity of your home, you’ll want to spend a bit of money on 3 major projects. The NAHB and the Chicago custom home builders over at Icon have helped us offer you the following tips. These, for instance, are just a few things that you will want to consider when moving forward.

The Sprinkler System

If you have a lawn, or perhaps a garden, then you’ll have to maintain it. That includes watering, pruning, mowing and much more. To ensure that your home’s exteriors are looking amazing, make sure that you look into this upgrade. Automatic sprinkler systems will add value to your home as it will allow your lawn and garden to look amazing. The curb appeal here is just the starting point. The installation of this requires a bit of work, but once in place, it can give you and perspective buyers peace of mind about maintaining their yards.

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A New Lawn and garden

Hinging on the notion of the sprinkler system, you could take advantage of the renovation process by installing an all new landscape. Focus on lawn elements, as well as garden, planting trees and so much more. You’ll find that this can allow you to not only reduce the water usage for your home, but it could introduce a great amount of curb appeal. Your neighbors will like the updates, your home’s value will raise, and you’ll no doubt enjoy the results that comes within the concept of updating your lawn and yard areas.


Concrete Work

The next thing that you will want to look into is simple, concrete throughout your exterior. For instance, you will want to update your driveway. A new driveway can be a stunning update for your home’s exterior, especially when you get it done by a licensed professional. There are a great number of concrete updates that you can go with here, so don’t assume that you’re stuck with just a simple pour. Aside from the driveway, consider focusing on patio updates, and entertainment areas. Having people over for a cookout, or just sitting in the summer nights staring at the stars can become all the more improved with a bit of concrete work.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that you are going to see the value of your home rise exponentially with these updates. Whether you do one or all 3, you’ll have inherent values rise, and if you get your home appraised after the fact, you’ll see the numbers. Whether you want to stay in your home or sell it, you’ll find that the above showcase some great overall elements in terms of home improvement that truly increases home equity.

Save Money on Home Projects

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With simple basic knowledge of the know-how and the ability to work with their hands, homeowners have been able to add equity and improve the look around their home. These give them the advantage of completing complex projects on their own without needing help. Few of those processes include:

Tackling a Clogged Drain
Gaining access to a drain is a simple step by step process that many homeowners can learn before they can be able to get rid of clogs from drains. Most drains in the house can become clogged, which is caused mostly as a result of debris and hair getting stuck in the drain line. When properly examined, the plunger in the kitchen or bathroom sink or the screen that covers the drain in the bathtub can be twisted and remove to gain access to the clog.

The plunger in the bathroom sink is easy to reach. What you need to do is open up the cabinet and look a little below the bottom of the sink around the plunging component that is responsible for turning the plunger up and down. Most times, It’s likely screwed and it can also be unhooked by un-threading the nut. Then pull back the stem that moves the plunger up and down, try reaching up to the sink to remove the plunger.
It is possible that the plunger is loaded with all types of loose hair and debris. Simply clean it and replace it back in the hole and thread the stem back in place and make sure that the nut is tight and that the plunger works freely as before.
To disable the clogged bathtub drain, simply unfold the screen covers of the drainpipe for easy access to the hair and dirt that accumulates in the bolt that connects the drainpipe. You can also use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the built-up dirt and clogging hair and again reattach the screen when the drainpipe is clear of dirt.

Unclogging the Kitchen Drain
Unclogging the drainpipe of the kitchen is a little more difficult than the bathroom. Usually, grease accumulation and other components will be taken to the bottom of the P-trap under the sink. Before you begin, gather a pipe wrench and a bucket with a towel.
The next step is to place the bucket under the P-trap, or the area of the drainpipe where it runs directly under the sink. Some of the nuts holding the P-trap in place are tightened by hand and require nothing more than fingers and thumbs to tighten it. Others are tightened using a pipe wrench and a box wrench to loosen properly is needed.
Once the child is removed, the P-trap falls into the bucket with the water accumulated on the left in the sink. Try to drain out all the clogged materials and obstruction of accumulated grease and reinstall the P-trap exactly as it was before.

Home Construction Tips that you Shouldn’t Ignore

You are probably tired of living in an expensive residential apartment which has really sucked money out of you for quite a long time. You are now closer to achieving the dream every normal person wants, having their own home. However, before embarking on the tricky journey of coming up with a new home, you have to take a step back and carefully gauge and pinpoint every detail to avoid nightmares during the construction process. We give you useful and prudent home construction tips that will set you on the path to a smooth, cheap, and satisfying building process.

Home Construction Tips

Carefully Choose the Builder

Choosing the builder is one of the most vital decisions you have to make. The builder has to be the best, laden with all the qualities needed. The builder has to be licensed and insured with respective authorities. He or she must also have a good track record. You can drive past their previous jobs or interview those who had worked with them. It is also important to check the builder’s relations with subcontractors and supply houses since they all play a crucial role in the building process.

Carefully Evaluate the Construction Area.

Before you settle in a given area, research on the crime rates, proximity to family and friends, then the availability of social amenities such as schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and also the climate. You surely don’t want to live in a place you dislike.

Build with the Future in Mind

Your home’s layout should put into consideration the fact that you will live there for many years down the line. It should be beyond your current lifestyle. For instance, you can have a shaft that can later be transformed into an elevator and a master bedroom on the ground floor for old age.

Hire Builders Locally

For cost cutting purposes, it is a good idea you hire builders from the local community. Within the local community, you have the liberty to experience the word of mouth reference against such builders which is a good gauge for their reputation. Ask around then get the best builder within to avoid costly travel delays usually present with the out-of-town builders.

Hire Independent Inspector

Don’t rely on the government inspector, some of them are ineffective. Get your own independent inspector to check the quality of work as the construction progresses. Be sure to indicate on your contract with the builder that your inspector’s words should be taken as final and undisputable.

Get a detailed Breakdown from the Contractor

The contract must have precise terms for payments. The ideal way to go about this is to make the builder present a detailed breakdown of all activities and respective costs in writing. For instance, materials and labor cost plus the overhead builder’s profits should appear on the breakdown.

Consider Hiring a lawyer

A lawyer will help in reviewing the contract with the builder. Home construction is a huge investment that deserves a proper cover for all the bases. A meager fee for the lawyer could save you millions of losses should something bad happen.

Avoid Overbuilding

Overbuilding not only proves costly, but it will also not command a fair price when you try selling it. When it is bigger than the surrounding homes in the area, it will have an expensive tag which is not good when selling the house.